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He was sobbing until he noticed cops was on the tv and then…. He was completely entranced… (Please excuse my mess of a house..)
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He is definitely spoiled rotten…. 😻
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When you revisit your myspace profile after not looking at it for years….. @melletosky
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Am I smiling, or do I just have gas? The world may never know.
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"Sup. I’m a month old today, and to celebrate, I decided to pee all over the place while mommy was trying to change me. Oh yeah! I’m a party animal."
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This little wiggle worm will be a whole month old tomorrow!!!! Hard to believe since he wasn’t even supposed to be born until the end of this month… Haha. Time has gone by so quickly, and he’s grown so much already!! I love you, Conor! 💕😻💕
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Most marine mammals are very flexible because they are made of 99% blorp.

as a scientist I can confirm this is 100% true