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I just want you home with me..

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Sweet bear with his lil bear 🐻💕 looking too cute to handle. The loves of my life. 😻
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This little angel has stolen my whole heart… 💕 I love you, Conor. All the pain and fear and tough situations I went through were worth it. You are my world. 🌍

I am starting the labor inducing process and should have a baby within the next couple days and I’m really scared because he’s a little over a month early and I need happy thoughts and good vibes or prayers or whatever you can send me because this is really crazy!!!! Ahhhhhh

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this cory in the house video game has been sitting in walmart since 2009 and is still $29.92

my dad sent me this game without any explanation whatsoever and let me tell you it is HILARIOUS

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When digital tv info glitches are more accurate than the actual show info
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