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I still get anxious at night before sleep
like I forgot to do something all day.
When will the nights come
that I will be able to lay my head down
without this uneasy feeling
that just because I didn’t say goodnight,
doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be a good morning.

When will I wake up
without checking my phone to see
just maybe you were up at 2am
and thought about me.

Maybe there will be a point
where I stop checking social media
in hopes of knowing what you did today.

Today I bought a hiking pack,
ate dinner with my family, and
looked up plane tickets to Paris, France.
This is for you, if you’ve been wondering.

its still on ringer you know - Cecilia Kellogg (via castyrdemonsaside)


Sittin’ in class and seeing one of your friends walk by in the hall.


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Ugh everyone in the world irritates me. I’ve seriously become so anti social, and I just want to stay at home with baby Conor and avoid all the stupidity. Interacting with people is exhausting lol. I used to be so excited about being social…. Maybe I’ll feel better once I move back home.

Anonymous: it's dangerous to let babies sleep in adult beds, especially with that many loose sheets/blankets...

I never leave the baby alone in the bed… I was just taking a picture of him because I thought it was cute how he was so tiny and the bed was so big. Trust me, I’m not dumb, and I’m way too paranoid to leave him alone like that.

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Delicious meatloaf dinner :3
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Grumpy lil bear :3 🐻